Start With Color

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When you sit down to design an invitation, an announcement or any kind of design project, where do you start? Every designer has their own process. Over the years my process has changed. As I grew in my career and worked through different ways of thinking I learned what worked best for me.

I start with by selecting a color palette. I’ve found color to be especially important when designing stationery. Color sets the tone and mood of the design.

Color Scheme Designer is a great site that assists in selecting color palettes. I often browse Colour Lovers, as site where others have created palettes.

It’s also important to know the meaning behind certain colors and what’s trending in color for each year. The fashion industry is always a great place to start when searching trends.

Color is important and can be the key to a beautiful design.

Easter Egg Hunt Printables

If you are having an Easter Egg Hunt this year we have created printables for your event. We’ll have a few more designs coming soon. In this set you get a sheet of stickers, customized invitations, favor tags, drink wraps and a poster/sign. If you’d like to purchase this set please visit our etsy shop.

Cards to Trees

Paper Culture is a great site for modern invitations and stationery. The company also does great things for the environment. Cards to Trees is a program set up by Paper Culture.

“For every order placed, we plant a tree in a US national forest. In effect, your cards plant trees. Each customer has an opportunity to dedicate a tree with every purchase (see sample dedications). We know that planting a million trees will not happen overnight. In fact, it will take years. But every tree really does make a difference (examples). We are focused, we are determined and we hope you will join us in our path to a million trees.”

It’s nice to see paper companies not only being environmentally friendly but also giving back to the environment.

Jack & Izzy

Love the look of this Etsy shop, Jack & Izzy. You can choose your own simple design and colors to create the special piece you’re looking for. It’s nice to have options when searching for the perfect invitation, announcement or stationery set.